Akel’s story

At her prenatal scan, Lyndsey was told her baby’s heart had not developed properly and he would require immediate and ongoing surgery.

She was sent straight to Brisbane to meet with specialists to discuss what life would be like for the family after he was born.

“We were very scared we didn’t think he was going to have much chance of surviving.” said Lyndsey, Akel’s mum.

Diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, Akel, who is now three, has already spent a lot of time in hospital, but he is a true fighter.  Currently, Akel relies on an ECMO machine to help him breathe and keep him alive. ECMO is a life support technique which supports the heart and lungs while the body is fighting an illness or injury.

“We travel to Brisbane for regular cardiologist appointments every six months, sometimes earlier if he has an upcoming procedure.  If it were not for the services of the Foundation like music therapy and the toy loans, Akel would be very miserable and bored during these appointments and his hospital stays. But more importantly, without an ECMO machine, funded by the Foundation my son wouldn’t be here.” Lyndsey said.

Akel’s journey is ongoing, but despite all he has been through he remains a delightful, happy, cheeky little boy, who loves music, spending time playing with his siblings, superheroes and food!!

“We are all so proud of Akel and how hard he fights to be here. It’s been a really tough journey, but we would gladly do it all again just to have him with us.” Lyndsey said.

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