27 July 2017 At the hospital

The Ellen Barron Family Centre (EBFC) at Chermside celebrated its 10th birthday this month

The Ellen Barron Family Centre (EBFC) at Chermside celebrated its 10th birthday this month, so to mark the occasion we asked our dedicated volunteer, Heather (pictured here with Mel and 10-month-old Lachlan), why she’s generously donated her time for the past 19 years to help families at the centre.

The service provided through Children’s Health Queensland offers specialist support and education to families experiencing complex parenting issues with their babies and toddlers. Children’s Hospital Foundation volunteers like Heather play a very important role at the Centre by welcoming families and helping to orientate them when they arrive.

“I started volunteering because my children had all finished school and I had the many hours available I had previously given to the schools.  I heard an ad on the radio saying they were starting a volunteer program at the children’s hospital and thought I might be able to help. I have always regarded myself lucky as I had healthy children and grandchildren.

“At Ellen Barron we have a beautiful caring team who always make you feel welcome and appreciated. The families who visit the Ellen Barron need a bit of extra support with their children and are often very tired. Sometimes they are apprehensive about coming to the centre but it’s good to help them relax.  I remember one mum telling me she had no problem organising a conference with hundreds of people, and having it go off without a hitch, but one eight-month-child completely confused her”. Please make this bigger text and bold, not standard body copy.

“At Ellen Barron it is a relaxed and happy environment where you feel like you are helping families and the staff are also very welcoming and appreciative of the time you give. And an added bonus, there is free parking on site which makes commuting easy,” Heather said.

Thank you, Heather, for all you do to help kids and their families at Ellen Barron Family Centre.