Cancer still kills nearly three children each week in Australia. That’s three too many.

Please will you help fund vital research into more effective treatments, to save the lives of children like Austin?

Austin was just four years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma. It had already spread through his central nervous system and into his liver and kidneys — and in cases like Austin’s the survival rate can be as low as 70%.

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At the moment, the only way we can treat children like Austin is with a harsh cocktail of toxic drugs that have a devastating impact on their little bodies. And the side effects don’t end when the treatment finishes – 4 out of 10 kids who survive will experience long lasting and sometimes life-altering complications.

Donations like yours can help cancer researchers develop better treatments and save the lives of more children like Austin.

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Every year, another 950 children and adolescents like Austin have to fight for their lives against deadly childhood cancer. We urgently need to your help to give them a future.

Please will you help save the lives of children like Austin?

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