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About the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease.

Despite advances in other types of childhood cancer, survival rates for brain cancer have made little progress over the past 30 years.

The Centre was founded with a single, simple purpose: to create a better future for children with brain cancer. It’s not a building. Instead, it’s a powerful collaboration between some of the world’s top researchers and clinicians.

This unique team of experts is drawn from five different institutes across Queensland. They represent the ‘best of the best’, and every one of them has dedicated their career to saving the lives of children with brain cancer.

The Children’s Brain Cancer Centre isn’t just about science done in a lab. It’s also helping children in the real world, right now.

Will you help unlock brain cancer’s secrets, and save the lives of kids like Ava? Your donation today will help fund the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre.

Ava’s Story

Amanda, Ava’s mum, makes every single day count – because her daughter’s brain cancer can’t be cured. 

 Ava is four-years-old and a gorgeous kid. Some of the world’s best paediatric brain surgeons and oncologists have done everything in their power to save her – but the tumour on her brain is still growing.   

 Ava was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of two. She had a major operation soon after her diagnosis. Surgeons were able to remove most of her tumour – but not all of it.  

 After surgery she could not walk, talk or eat for months. She left hospital just before Christmas that year but was back in Emergency on Christmas day.  

 During seven rounds of chemotherapy, Ava’s hair fell out and she was horribly sick. Still, the tumour grew.  

 After that, it was more surgery and radiation. Every day for 33 days, Ava would have to fast, then go under general anaesthetic for radiation. Even that couldn’t stop the tumour’s growth.  

Ava was scheduled for another operation. It took more than seven hours, and her parents waited, sick with worry, for the outcome. When it was done, a surgeon came out and told the family that Ava’s tumour was deemed inoperable.  

 Amanda says the thought of only having a few precious months left with Ava is “indescribable.”. 

 Amanda has decided to take on the same attitude that she sees in her courageous little girl. 

 Amanda says “At dinnertime, we all say what the best part of our day was. 

 Every night I tell her ‘you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me’. 

 I want her to have an amazing life, no matter how long it is.” Sometimes that means having ice cream for breakfast or having a four-and-a-half-year-old birthday party, because she might not make it to five. 

 Ava’s family are making every moment count while Ava is still alive.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your donation will help fund life-saving research and medical equipment, and provide the highest level of support and entertainment programs for sick kids and their families.

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