Beau's story

Will you please donate to help fund life-saving cystic fibrosis research, and give kids like Beau the best chance to grow up?

Your gift will help researchers find new ways to spot the damage caused by cystic fibrosis – before it’s too late. And find new ways to treat kids with deadly lung infections.

When Beau was born, his mum Tiffany knew right away that something wasn’t right. His breathing was raspy, he didn’t want to feed, and he wasn’t gaining weight.

At two weeks old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and rushed to hospital.

Tiffany was shocked. She didn’t know much about cystic fibrosis, and there was no history of it in her family, so she did what everyone might do:

“They tell you not to Google, but the first thing you do is Google.” she said.

What she found was heartbreaking.

She learned cystic fibrosis would slowly clog her son’s tiny lungs, making it harder and harder for him to breathe.  She read there’s no cure, and he’ll need to take dozens of pills and spend hours doing physio, exercise, and using nebulisers every day – just to survive.

Your gift today will fund two promising cystic fibrosis research projects.

The first could help children with cystic fibrosis by spotting lung disease sooner, while it can still be treated. Your donation will help develop new, gentler, more precise lung imaging techniques – made just for little bodies. And help make sure we can catch lung disease in children with cystic fibrosis before it’s too late.

The second way your donation will help is by funding research into a deadly bacteria that’s spreading worldwide. Kids with cystic fibrosis are particularly susceptible to it – if it gets into Beau’s lungs, it could make his respiratory system collapse, or even kill him.

Your donation will help researchers find new ways to treat this disease which could save countless children’s lives.

Donate today to work wonders for sick kids like Beau.