When Beau was born, his mum Tiffany knew right away that something wasn’t right. His breathing was raspy, he didn’t want to feed, and he wasn’t gaining weight.

At two weeks old, following the routine heel prick test, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening chronic illness where the body produces abnormal amounts of thick mucus within the lungs and digestive system. This can lead to recurring infections and permanent damage. There is currently no cure and the average life expectancy is just 37 years old.

He was rushed to hospital where salt and creons were administered to help him digest his food and he was started on vitamins.

“We were so shocked when they rang and said his test had come back abnormal.  When they diagnosed cystic fibrosis and started telling us what we must do to treat it, we were so confused as we just had no idea what it was. It was so hard trying to get a two-week-old to take the medication.  The salt would burn his little throat and it felt like it was never going to get easier.” Tiffany said.

Having been diagnosed at such a young age Beau has spent a lot of time in and out of hospital.  And while Beau has coped well, his older sister Aleya finds it very difficult to be away from him and Tiffany so much.  As an in-patient, Beau has always loved pet therapy, Kidzone, and bedside play. He’s known to have quite a fondness for playing Jenga with the volunteers, who never fail to put a smile on his face.

“The Foundation services are amazing.  They really help break up the day and make him smile. It makes a huge difference to have someone just coming to play with him, and the puppies that visit through pet therapy are his favourite.” said Tiffany.

Beau’s medications have expanded a lot since being diagnosed, but he has adjusted well.  “He had to start swallowing tablets at just 15 months old, and now he takes over 30 tablets a day.  They are big tablets and he does so well. Beau spends hours every day completing three nebulisers, two positive expiratory pressure therapy sessions, and lots of physio and exercise to help clear the mucous on his lungs.  It can be hard going for all of us at times.”  said Tiffany.

Beau has been a true battler, taking cystic fibrosis in his stride, never complaining, and taking life as it comes.  Beau currently visits Queensland Children’s Hospital or his local hospital for a check-up every three months.

Beau loves NRL, paw patrol, Pokemon, and the beach but his all-time favourite thing to do is play with his sister.   Beau started Prep in January 2021 and was very excited to start this new chapter.

Hear more about Beau’s story in the video below.

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