The Ten Tenors - My Christmas Wish

The Ten Tenors Christmas wish for sick kids

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The Ten Tenors are undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest entertainment success stories, with more than 90 million people worldwide witnessing their unmistakable charm, camaraderie and vocal power.

Following 17 years of sell-out performances across the globe, including more than 2000 of their own headline concerts, The Ten Tenors have cemented their place as Australia’s premier classical-crossover group.

The Ten Tenors ‘Our Christmas Wish’ is available for sale at Woolworths stores in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. If you would like to buy a CD version of the album and live outside of Queensland and Northern New South Wales you can contact us.

‘Our Christmas Wish’ features 14 of The Ten Tenors’ favourite songs including, ‘All I want for Christmas’, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ and more.

All proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation works wonders for sick kids by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, and providing some amazing entertainment, family support and care programs for sick kids. Our Christmas Wish is for every sick child to have the best possible health care, with access to world-class research and clinical treatment in a healing environment.

Buy Supporter Beads at ALH Group venues and help sick kids

Help sick kids get through their treatment at ALH Group venues

Buy Supporter Beads at ALH Group venues and help sick kids


This Christmas, you can help sick kids get through their treatment and support the Children’s Hospital Foundation by purchasing Supporter Beads for just $5 from your local ALH Group venue.

Bridget had already survived an aggressive cancer once, but at six years of age she was back in hospital fighting leukaemia a second time, facing many months of chemotherapy and more invasive treatments.

In hospital, children like Bridget are awarded special Bravery Beads that recognise their courage and strength as they fight for their lives.

For Bridget, her string of Bravery Beads is over 12 metres long, providing her with a tangible way to share her story.

For a limited time you can purchase special Supporter Beads to tell your own story to friends and family, about how you are helping Queensland’s sickest kids. Through purchasing these special beads, you will help to fund life-saving medical research, invest in vital new equipment, and provide entertainment, family support and care programs for sick kids.

Supporter Beads are available for purchase for $5 at your local ALH Group venue. All proceeds will go towards the ALH Group 2016 Kids Christmas Appeal. Purchase your special Supporter Beads before Sunday 29 January to help sick kids laugh and smile, get better and go home sooner.




Bike4Burns 2016

Bike4Burns riders raise $86,000 for sick kids

Congratulations to more than 100 New South Wales and Queensland firefighters who cycled from Berowa, New South Wales to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Brisbane to raise vital funds for burns and trauma research.

One of the riders, Nicole, knows first hand the devastating impact burns can have on the lives of young children and their families

In 2013, Nicole, Russell and their two young children Jack and Camryn, set off for Stradbroke Island for a camping trip with some other families. It was the family’s first camping trip and their first holiday for the year.

After they set up their tents, Nicole took Camryn down to the water for a swim. On their way back, Nicole stopped to talk to a friend while watching Camryn walk towards her Dad at their campsite.

All of a sudden, Camryn was screaming. Camryn was just two years old when she walked over a campfire that had been covered with sand and not properly extinguished.

“It was a scream that will haunt me forever. I felt the heat and looked down at her feet horrified – they were white.” Nicole said. “I rushed her into the surf and called for help. Thankfully Camryn was put into the capable hands of doctors and medical teams who truly understand the lifelong trauma that burns can cause.”

Camryn was off her feet for five weeks. Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Paediatric Surgeon, Professor Roy Kimble and his team worked hard to help skin drafts fuse to Camryn’s skin and reduce her pain.

As part of Camryn’s ongoing treatment, she had to wear a compression bandage for two years, 24 hours per day.

Brave Camryn was able to return home, but like many children with severe burns, her treatment has continued – and will continue – for many years.

This year marked the tenth anniversary ride of Bike4Burns, which has raised over $86,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation to continue vital funding for burns and trauma research.

Lucas, 2 years, kidney disease

Kidney Health Week 22-28 May

At a 20-week ultrasound, doctors detected an abnormality with baby Lucas’ kidneys. The extent of his condition wouldn’t be fully diagnosed until he was five days old.

Lucas was born with bilateral cystic dysplastic kidneys, which means both of his kidneys were undersized, full of cysts and not functioning. He spent the first 16 days of his life fighting for survival, but continued to amaze doctors and nurses with his determination.

At just two years old, Lucas received a lifesaving kidney transplant from his grandmother, which was the first kidney transplant performed at the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Today, Lucas is three years old and is a happy boy who loves playing with his superhero toys as well as dressing up. His mum says he has an incredible imagination, who is thriving and overall in very good health. Lucas still has problems eating but is improving every day.

Kidney Health Week (22-28 May) is a national event aimed at creating awareness about kidney disease and its impact, especially on young children like Lucas.