Woolworths Regional Tokens 2015

Help sick kids in your region with Woolworths

Add a $2 local wall token to your next purchase at Woolworths and you will be supporting sick kids in your local region across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

One hundred per cent of every token sold in store until 9 August will go directly to helping local kids.

Each token features a local child from your region. You can read about their stories in-store and below.

Meet the kids

Elly, 4 years, caustic ingestion - Beaudesert
Lucas, 2 years, kidney transplant - Brisbane
Jonty, 8 years, osteosarcoma - Brisbane
Christian, 10 years, haemophillia and cerebral palsy - Bundaberg
Chelsi, 9 years, paraplegic - Far North Queensland
Riley, 14 years, Crohn’s disease - Gold Coast
Olivia, 5 years, acute myeloid leukaemia - Hervey Bay
Cameron, 13 years, bronchiectasis - Ipswich
Hayley and Jake, 11 and 5 years, bone marrow transplant - Logan
Lincoln, 6 years, Guillain-Barre syndrome - Mackay
Lucy, 8 years, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - North Queensland
Bella, 5 years, burns - Northern New South Wales
Zane, 3 years, neuroblastoma - Rockhampton
Abbi, 10 years, Ewing’s sarcoma - Sunshine Coast
Jovii, 2 years, gastroschisis - Sunshine Coast
Ella, 2 years, tracheoesophageal fistula - Toowoomba

Woolworths has partnered with the Children’s Hospital Foundation for the past 29 years, contributing to more than $32 million for clinical and medical research, state-of-the-art medical equipment, facilities and patient support.


Firefighters pedal to raise funds for charity

Forty-six firefighters and volunteers will leave Gladstone today and make the 800-kilometre journey to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Brisbane for the annual Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Bike 4 Burns charity bike ride.

The ride, now in its ninth year, will take 31 firefighter cyclists and 15 support volunteers seven days (May 1-7) to complete and will raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

QFES Acting Commissioner Katarina Carroll said Bike 4 Burns was a unique opportunity that not only helped staff maintain a high level of fitness, but also benefitted some of Queensland’s most vulnerable.

“To date, the charity ride has raised more than $373,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation to specifically put towards burn technology research and development,” Ms Carroll said.

“Firefighters know all too well the devastating affects burns can have. It’s great to think of the positive influence this ride will have on improving treatments and outcomes for children with devastating burns injuries.”

QFES Inspector and Bike 4 Burns organiser Gordon Hemphrey said riders would start their journey in Gladstone and cycle through Biloela, Monto, Mundubbera, Murgon, Kenilworth, Caboolture and finally Brisbane.

“The cyclists have planned and trained for this event for months while raising funds and awareness for Queensland’s most vulnerable children,” Mr Hemphrey said.

“I am extremely proud of the efforts of all of the riders and their support crew, and the Bike 4 Burns committee. This event is organised and run in people’s own time and their involvement and dedication to assist those in need is invaluable to both QFES, and the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

“So if you see our riders on the road show your support as they are amazing and generous individuals.”

He said this year’s event also featured a virtual ride, where teams of riders could register to cycle the same amount of kilometres per day as Bike 4 Burns participants.

“Join some mates at a gym, play on the wind trainer at home, or partake in a group ride around your town. It all counts towards the team’s total and is a great way to become involved in the cause,” he said.

Director of Centre for Children’s Burns and Trauma Research at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Professor Roy Kimble, said they appreciated all the hard work for the cause.

“I am in awe and so appreciative of firefighters who volunteer their time each year to raise vital funds for burns research,” Professor Kimble said.

“We can’t do research unless we have funding, so I urge you to please support Bike 4 Burns so we can continue ground-breaking research and invest in the best available medical equipment to help work wonders for kids that suffer burns.”

Bike 4 Burns 2015 route:

  • Day 1 – Friday 1 May Gladstone-Biloela 125km
  • Day 2 – Saturday 2 May Biloela-Monto 95km
  • Day 3 – Sunday 3 May Monto-Mundubbera 110km
  • Day 4 – Monday 4 May Mundubbera-Murgon 150km
  • Day 5 – Tuesday 5 May Murgon-Kenilworth 150km
  • Day 6 – Wednesday 6 May Kenilworth-Caboolture 100km
  • Day 7 – Thursday 7 May Caboolture-Brisbane 70km

You can help fire fighters riding in Bike 4 Burns by donating online.


Children’s Hospital Doorknock 10-23 April 2015

10 – 23 April 2015

The Children’s Hospital Doorknock is on from Friday 10 to Thursday 23 April 2015.

Join our team of amazing Children’s Hospital Doorknock volunteers and you’ll be making a big difference in the lives of sick kids this year.

Every donation you collect in your neighbourhood will help further life-saving research and purchase vital medical equipment, as well as fund wonderful entertainment and therapeutic programs designed to heal, like music therapy, pet therapy and bedside play.

Once you’ve signed up to the Children’s Hospital Doorknock you’ll receive a letter from us confirming your registration. In March you’ll receive your official Children’s Hospital Doorknock kit… and you’ll be ready to start knocking on doors in April!

We need volunteers to doorknock all over Queensland so spread the word to your family and friends encouraging them to get involved, or turn your doorknock experience into a fun day out together.

Register for this year’s Children’s Hospital Doorknock by calling 1300 105 105 or email us at doorknock@childrens.org.au.

Together we can give every sick child in Queensland the best possible chance at a healthy, happy life.


$2 can make a difference at Woolworths this Easter

2 March – 5 April 2015

In another year of helping to work wonders for sick kids, Woolworths will hold their annual Easter wall token appeal from 2 March to 5 April 2015.

The brightly coloured Easter-themed tokens will be available from Woolworths’ stores throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and can be purchased for just $2.

The tokens are a fun and easy way to help work wonders for sick kids. Once you’ve purchased your token simply write your name on it to show your support and return your token to a Woolworths’ staff member to display on the Great Wall of Easter Tokens in-store.

Every year Woolworths’ stores create some amazing Easter token displays, covering every available wall and sometimes even hanging from the roof!

So drop in to your local Woolworths between 2 March and 5 April and add an Easter token to your shopping. With all proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital Foundation you won’t just be brightening your local Woolworths store; you’ll also be brightening up the lives of the kids that need it most this Easter.


Giggle and Hoot and Friends at QPAC

5 January 2015

Patients from the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital were dancing in the aisles at The Playhouse QPAC thanks to an extra special private performance of Giggle and Hoot and Friends. The show is a 50-minute stage spectacular with everyone’s favourite songs, dancing, and of course fun and laughter.

Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle set off on a giggle-icious live stage adventure with their friends the Bananas in Pyjamas and Hoopla Doopla’s Zap, Mimi and Jango.

Giggle and Hoot, the much loved ABC4Kids program, focuses on preschooler’s lives and routines through songs, stories, friendship, laughter and imagination. The live show, incorporating these themes, was one of the most anticipated and hottest tickets for families over the summer.

Joining Jimmy Giggle and the owls onstage was everyone’s favourite twins, the Bananas in Pyjamas, who are now in their 22nd year and continue to be loved by children and parents all over the world.

And for the first time, Zap, Mimi and Jango from the popular ABC4Kids show Hoopla Doopla joined the show. These three extraordinary characters, each with their own physical skill; tumble, juggle, leap and somersault in and out of trouble. However, whenever anything goes wrong – and it usually does – they always have each other to fall back on.

A huge thank you to the full cast and crew of Giggle and Hoot and Friends, and QPAC, for hosting such a special day and fun distraction for so many sick kids and their families. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.


1200kms for Kids charity bike ride in its 8th year

21 October 2014

On Monday 13 October 2014 a group of dedicated riders and supporters set off on a nine-day bike ride over 1200kms from Sydney to Brisbane to raise money for sick kids.

Riders and crew stopped at Newcastle, Muswellbrook, Tamworth, Armidale, Glen Innes, Warwick, Ipswich, and crossed the finish line on Tuesday 21 October at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Show your support for 1200kms for Kids by sponsoring a rider or making a donation at www.1200kmsforkids.com


Woolworths tokens helping kids all over Queensland

22 September 2014

During the month of September, the generosity of Woolworths customers and staff helped to raise an incredible $322,000 through our regional Woolworths tokens appeal.

People from all over Queensland and northern New South Wales purchased a token from their local Woolworths store for $2, adding their personal messages to the tokens which were then displayed in stores on a wall of hope.

All monies raised go towards helping sick kids and their families in regions including Brisbane, Bundaberg, Far North Queensland, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Ipswich, Logan and Beaudesert, Mackay, Northern Rivers, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Townsville.


Golden Casket funds urgent medical research

4 June 2014

Since December 2013 there have been 11 confirmed cases of babies in Queensland with parechovirus infections. Currently, 46 babies in Australia have been confirmed positive with parechovirus infections.

First time parents, Kimberley and Philip from Brisbane know only too well the importance of funding research since their five week old baby girl Lilly was born on Easter Saturday 2014. Lilly was diagnosed with parechovirus, a respiratory and enteric virus which usually causes fever, irritability rash and diarrhoea, but in severe cases, can develop into hepatitis or encephalitis.

Professor Theo Sloots, Director of the Queensland Paediatric Infectious Diseases (QPID) laboratory of the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute said, “There was a report of parechovirus infection in Sydney late last year with the first case in Queensland reported in Bundaberg.”

Parechovirus is diagnosed from stool samples, nose and throat swabs, cerebrospinal fluid, or blood. In Queensland the QPID laboratory is the only laboratory to test for the virus.

Professor Theo Sloots continued, “From a laboratory point of view, we had a test developed three years ago by Associate Professor Ian Mackay from QPID, together with Dr Vikram Vaska, a Fellow that was funded by the Golden Casket Community Fund and the Children’s Hospital Foundation for QPID.

“We believe there are at least four types of the virus and we don’t know what type is in Queensland compared to other states”, said Professor Theo Sloots.

Joint Director of QPID, Associate Professor Michael Nissen said, “Some babies infected with parechovirus get unwell quickly, but typically recover in a few days. In very young babies, the virus can cause infection in the central nervous system and can lead to a neonatal sepsis-like illness.

“Diagnosing the parechovirus infection quickly is important to reassure everyone that, with appropriate clinical support through this period of time, the patient should recover fully.”

Professor Theo Sloots advised, “Our speciality is to diagnose unusual infections. From previous research we had a test available for parechovirus, and used it to diagnose the outbreak in Bundaberg. We are making this test widely available by transferring it to the Pathology Queensland central laboratory so it can be used regularly and become part of routine testing.

Golden Casket General Manager Group Lottery Operations Sue van der Merwe said Golden Casket is very proud of its long relationship with the Children’s Health Foundation.

“Since 1992 Golden Casket proceeds have funded around $11 million to boost children’s health at the Royal Children’s Hospital. This year’s donation of $500,000 will further assist the urgent research that has been conducted by Associate Professor Michael Nissen and Associate Professor Theo Sloots to develop a specific diagnostic test for parechovirus in babies.”

Lilly’s mother Kimberley said, “We owe everything to the medical team at the Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane, in particular researchers at Queensland Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Golden Casket for their generous donation that will help other babies that need fast diagnoses and testing for parechovirus. Lilly is still with us, and doing OK.”

Pictured L-R: Associate Professor Michael Nissen, Golden Casket General Manager Group Lottery Operations Sue van der Merwe, Kimberley and Philip with baby Lilly


Michelle conquers the Mooloolaba Triathlon

12 March 2014

Two years ago Michelle Wardle was a healthy, fit and competitive 40 year old mother. Her passion was pole fitness, and at one point Michelle was featured in an international magazine and invited to New York to experience American pole fitness.

She regularly worked out at the gym, started running, and was working part time in her family scrap metal business, while juggling casual work as a primary teacher. Life was busy, and fulfilling.

At the peak of her career, Michelle had to undergo emergency abdominal surgery following a cancer scare – a mass was discovered which resulted in Michelle having a hysterectomy. After four months of recovery, Michelle returned to the gym and to work. But she knew something still wasn’t right with her body and visited her doctor and a gynaecologist.

It was discovered that Michelle had prolapsed where three of her organs were trying to fall out through her weak pelvic floor. At the time, Michelle felt it was an embarrassing condition that most women did not talk about, however, she now chooses to be open about her condition so more people are aware that pelvic floor issues affect one in four women at some stage in their life.

Michelle had to give up her beloved pole fitness – and temporarily stop working as a teacher due to prolonged standing. Not wanting to give up fitness, Michelle recognised safe sport for her included swimming, cycling and walking.

During this time Michelle also started volunteering with the Children’s Hospital Foundation in the Wonder Factory and oncology ward. Through this experience she decided her pain and personal disappointments were nothing compared to what sick and injured children experience while in hospital.

Michelle then set her self some goals to help raise money to help all kids in hospital. She challenged herself to the 100km Redcliffe to Sunshine Coast cycle challenge and raised $7,700. Her next challenge was a 2km ocean swim in the Noosa sports festival; she got through it and crossed the finish line.

Michelle has now joined the Children’s Hospital Foundation Wonder Team to complete the 2014 Mooloolaba Triathlon, yet another challenge she has set herself to raise money for sick kids. To walk the run is going to be mentally challenging however Michelle’s mantra will be that she is completing, not competing. A sigh of relief and personal accomplishment will be echoed when Michelle walks across that finish line.

Also joining the Wonder Team in the 2014 Mooloolaba Triathlon are professional triathletes, Ky Hurst, Jason Shortis and Josh Maeder.


There were cheers from everyone when Michelle crossed the finish line of the Mooloolaba Triathlon, having raised over $3,500 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. We are so inspired with Michelle’s determination and the personal challenges she sets herself to selflessly help sick kids. A picture tells a thousand words – here is Michelle crossing the line victoriously after her gruelling swim, cycle and walk to complete the Mooloolaba Triathlon.