Edi’s story

At just two years old, Edi spent over 149 days in hospital and completed four rounds of chemotherapy.

Edi was a completely healthy, 20 month old when parents Kimberley and Scott noticed a small lump behind his right ear, just in the hairline. Initially thought to be a cyst, a paediatrician removed the lump two weeks later.

The lump proved to be cancerous. That’s when things moved fast. Mum, Kimberley recalls “We had an hour to be on a flight to Brisbane, 1200km from home. Leaving behind our jobs, home, pets, family and friends.”

Edi would complete four rounds of chemo and spend 149 days in hospital.

Edi was the sunshine on the ward. On good days he’d ride his bike and pretend to mow the lawn. On bad days Edi would become very quiet. His family were amazed by his resilience.

Both Kimberley and Scott stayed in Brisbane to be with Edi. “It’s nothing you can nver prepare for as the outside world still spins, bills still come in, people still live their lives and we missed out on a lot of milestones. Edi needed both of us and we wouldn’t have gotten through this if we didn’t stick together to support each other every day.” said Kimberley.

“The Foundation services are amazing, he would get excited when he saw the green shirts come through the airlock doors. Music therapy helped a lot in the early days to distract him from wanting to go outside.”

Edi is now classed as in remission. His family hopes the cancer will not return.

Story written and details correct June 2019

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