Evie’s story

At first glance Evie is like any other ordinary three-year-old, but life for Evie has been anything but ordinary.

Evie has an extremely rare genetic condition that has seen her spend more than half her life in hospital. Her condition affects many of her vital organs, including her brain, heart & digestive system.

Just after Evie’s first birthday, Mum Amy knew something was terribly wrong. “Evie was unable to eat anything without pain and vomiting. She was losing weight rapidly. Because her gut was not functioning, she was literally starving to death.” Evie’s little body cannot process food eaten orally, so she has liquid food pumped into her bloodstream 18 hours a day via a central line.

Spending long periods of time in hospital can be very boring for a cheeky playful child like Evie.

The music therapy sessions brighten up a long day, but more than anything, Evie’s face lights up when Nanook, her favourite pet therapy dog comes to visit. Evie absolutely adores stroking and cuddling Nanook.

Evie’s auntie, Terree Lorberg, works at Booval Woolworths and this year she celebrated her 20th year of service.

Evie’s condition is lifelong. It will not go away and there is no cure. Evie’s family are hopeful that as she grows she will improve – or at least remain stable, but because her condition is so rare they can’t know for sure.

Their greatest hope lies in research and raising awareness.

Evie is one of 20 ambassadors for the Woolworths Regional Wall Tokens campaign.

By purchasing a $2 wall token from now until the end of September, you are helping fund equipment and programs in your local hospital, which help families like Evie’s through an emotional, stressful, and at times uncertain journey.

Woolworths Regional Wall Tokens is an opportunity to highlight some of the brave kids throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales, who you can help by purchasing a wall token.

Other ways you can help

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