Will you support sick kids by easing the financial distress of their families?

When kids like Slater are sick or in pain, they need their mums and dads.

Send your gift so parents experiencing financial stress can focus on looking after their kids in Hospital.

Slater was still a baby when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He’s five now, and despite the very best in medical care, the tumour wrapped around his brain stem can’t be removed. His medical team have done everything possible to stop Slater’s tumour from growing and affecting his development. That’s meant a lot of time in hospital for the five-year-old and his mum Bianca.

Caring for a child in hospital can be stressful and scary. Some families, like Slater’s, face long periods of time away from home and work, and can encounter extra costs for travel, clothing and meals.

However, the economic impact of COVID-19 is making things even harder for parents at a time when they’re already under terrible pressure with a sick child.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation helps fund social welfare support for families to cover some costs of having a child in hospital. There’s been an increase in families needing this support recently.

You could help cover the costs of transport, provide home-style meals for parents, or bring some joy to a child who’s struggling in hospital.