12 July 2021 Featured News

Burns research to have international impact

We were incredibly proud to support Queensland Children’s Hospital Burns and Trauma Researcher and Griffith University Senior Research Fellow, Bronwyn Griffin, with a Mary McConnel grant of $50,000 for her research focussed on decreasing the incidence, severity, and burden, of trauma and burns.

Thanks to this early funding, granted by the Children’s Hospital Foundation, we are pleased to reveal that Dr Griffin has gone on to receive an additional $2 million of further funding from the US Department of Defence (DoD) to implement her evidence-based research on burn first aid in the pre-hospital field of care in the US.

“Thank you to Children’s Hospital Foundation for supporting some of the critical foundational work to help boost the level of our globally recognised research that has led to this exciting outcome,” Dr Griffin said.

“Implementation of adequate burns first aid means that children will have better outcomes in their burn care journey such as faster healing time, less risk of skin grafting, meaning a less likelihood of long term scars and a lifetime of painful surgical treatments.”

The quality of Dr Griffins work has allowed her to partner with world class paediatric clinician researchers in the US, who will be critical allies in translating the evidence into guidelines and implementation into practice.

Her Mary McConnel Career Boost grant assisted Dr Griffin by investing in specialised research expertise to optimise the outcomes of her research, and allowed her to evaluate, publish and present the effectiveness of cool running water for 20 minutes in paediatric burns, boosting her national and international research profile.

As part of Dr Griffin’s grant, she was also offered invaluable mentorship from Sharon Mickan – a highly respected Australian researcher and Professor of Healthcare Innovations at Bond University.

“Without my Mary McConnel grant and mentorship, this additional funding boost simply would not have been possible, and I am looking forward to meeting up with Sharon to celebrate this success together.”

The DoD is a globally competitive research funding body, with the value of the grant providing immeasurable hope for sick kids across the globe, who experience burns injuries.

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