24 April 2020 Featured News

Supporting sick kids during COVID-19

Even during these unprecedented times, working wonders for sick kids remains at the core of our mission. Everything we do, we do for the kids, to make them laugh, help them get better and go home sooner.  While many of our face to face services have been put on hold our determination to be there for sick kids and their families hasn’t.

We continue to work with the Hospital to identify their needs through this crisis and continue to support the amazing clinical staff and the researchers, whose work is crucial as conditions afflicting children don’t take a respite during the COVID-19 impact.

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Doing things, a little differently! 

Our ‘Green Team’ of 450 volunteers are playing their part to help ‘flatten the curve’ by social distancing and staying home.  We know how hard this must be for them as their dedication and passion is second to none, but we know they’ll be back just as soon as they are able.

In the meantime, our Patient and Family Support Team are doing a truly amazing job of delivering as many entertainment and distraction activities as they can to kids in hospital.  They have also put together some fantastic resources online – check out the Family Fun page on our website.

How you can help sick kids

We know how generous and supportive our community is and we have had lots of messages asking how people can help.

Firstly, and most importantly, you must look after yourself before you can help others. These are unusual circumstances we are living in – please prioritise your own physical and mental health.

Please follow Government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation – it will help to “flatten the curve” and stop our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

Being in hospital is never easy, but all the extra restrictions are making it extra tough for sick kids.  To help keep sick kids smiling we launched our Play is serious campaign to provide toys and entertainment packs to sick kids in hospital.  We want to make sure kids don’t feel isolated, lonely or scared during this extra difficult time.

This campaign was recently featured on 9 News Queensland and the support we received was truly amazing.  We want to help as many sick kids as we can so if you would like to make a donation or find out more visit childrens.org.au/play-is-serious.

Keep in touch

Staying connected while social distancing is so important!  Keep up to date with everything going on at the Children’s Hospital Foundation by following us on Facebook and Instagram @childrensorgau

Please remember you can still get in touch with us via email info@childrens.org.au or on the phone 1300 742 554.