Feeding Families in Tough Times (FFiTT), rising to the challenge of food

The challenge

Nearly one million Australian children live in households experiencing food insecurity, with inconsistent access to adequate, healthy food. Children without adequate diets and nutrition are likely to get sick and require hospitalisation more often. Food insecurity is related to poorer quality of diet, and has a negative impact on social and emotional wellbeing.

Public Health Research. Feeding Families In Tough Times

This research will develop collaborations between academia, and health and welfare agencies as well as families. We aim to look at how families move in and out of food insecurity, what this experience is like, factors that influence putting food on the table, and will co-create a toolbox of effective solutions.

Understanding the root causes of food insecurity is critical in developing policy and service solutions. Welfare agencies will be able to better empower families, and access to healthy food and healthy choices will be improved.