Food in Schools: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Danielle Gallegos,Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics and Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian

The challenge

We know that the majority of Queensland kids aren’t getting enough fruit and vegetables, and almost half of their diet is made up of energy-dense, yet nutrientpoor foods. Schools are doing their best by providing breakfast programs for hungry kids, healthier choices in canteens and teaching about food and health. However, with everything else they need to do, it can be hard to keep healthy eating a priority.

Food in Schools: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

We aim to work with four schools (two in disadvantaged areas) to co-design multifaceted food literacy programs that are place-based and tailored to their community. These programs will focus on environmental and educational approaches to improve dietary intake in schools.

Methods will be developed for schools to create programs that will meet their own specific needs to change the school food environment, integrate the school breakfast program, and increase food literacy for the school community.