Grace’s story

When the doctors broke the news that Grace had cancer, her mum Pip felt like the walls were closing in.

“I just couldn’t breathe. It was awful. The worst part was, we were so upset and Grace kept asking us if we were alright.”

For Grace, cancer treatment was tough from the very start. 

“Grace got hit really hard by the chemotherapy. When we were at home, she’d sleep all the time. I didn’t know if it was normal. And then she stopped walking, so I was just carrying her everywhere.” said Pip. 

Grace’s treatment damaged the nerves in her legs. The chemotherapy made her bones so brittle her leg broke. Then came sepsis, infections, weight gain and kidney failure. 

“It was just awful. Every day, it was just something different. We’d get through a couple of days and think, ‘Oh, maybe there’s a slight bit of improvement,’ and then she’d be back in hospital again – really, really sick.”

Grace has been in and out of the hospital for two long years.  

But finally, there’s some wonderful news for Grace and her family – she has just completed her cancer treatment! 

She got to celebrate it in a very special way. Grace rang the ‘end of treatment’ bell at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, surrounded by her family, and the wonderful doctors and nurses who have taken care of her over the months and years. 

Now she gets to spend Christmas at home with her family. 

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