9 May 2019 Featured News

2019 Working Wonders grant rounds now open

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that the following grant rounds are now open:
– 2019 CHQ Working Wonders Grant Round
– 2019 Regional Working Wonders Grant Round

The Children’s Hospital Foundation has developed the Working Wonders Grant Scheme to facilitate equitable access to funding to improve health outcomes for children throughout Queensland. In this scheme, funding can be requested for:
• educational programs or resources;
• support services or materials for patients and families;
• clinical projects or programs with no research component;
• salary for clinical support staff who provide a critical service within a health service caring for children, but who cannot be funded by the existing department budget;
• equipment (must have a value of less than $5,000 if applying through the 2019 CHQ Working Wonders Grant Round).

In the 2019-2020 Working Wonders Grant Round, the Children’s Hospital Foundation has up to $1.5 million available for allocation.  This is the total funding available to CHQ and other Queensland-based health services caring for children and adolescents.

Applications close dates are as follows:
– 2019 CHQ Working Wonders Grant Round:  5.00pm on Wednesday 24 July 2019
– 2019 Regional Working Wonders Grant Round: 5.00pm on  Friday 21 June 2019

How to Apply

All prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to read the Application Guidelines and complete the Eligibility Self-Assessment Checklist therein before starting their applications.
– 2019 CHQ Working Wonders Grant Guidelines
– 2019 Regional Working Wonders Grant Guidelines
All applications must be submitted online at https://childrens.smartygrants.com.au