25 June 2019 Featured News

Eat Street is turning cans and bottles into wonders for sick kids

Ten cents from every drinking container recycled at Brisbane’s Eat Street Northshore is now helping help sick and injured Queensland kids, thanks to a new donation arrangement with the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Visitors to the popular food markets at Hamilton go through thousands of bottles and other drinking containers every week, and through the Queensland Government’s Containers for Change scheme, Eat Street has committed to donating 10c from each bottle to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Children’s Hospital Foundation Chief Executive, Rosie Simpson said she was welcomed Eat Street’s commitment to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“Every dollar helps the Children’s Hospital Foundation work wonders for sick and injured kids by funding vital research, new equipment, entertainment and supports for children and their families in hospital,” Ms Simpson said.

Seven-year-old Matilda Taduran was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is one of the many children who will benefit from Eat Street’s donations.

Matilda’s mum Louise said it was “truly overwhelming” that Eat Street Northshore organisers had chosen to support sick children and their families.

“The work the Children’s Hospital Foundation does in the hospital means so much to our family, and many other families going through similar situations,” she said.

“They definitely provide the light through the dark days.”

When asked what she thought of the thousands of visitors to Eat Street helping kids like her in hospital, Matilda said it was “pretty awesome”. 

“Saving the world with recycling, and helping sick kids – that’s pretty awesome”