11 October 2019 Featured News

The space that colour forgot!

Queensland Children’s Hospital is light, bright and full of art and colour to brighten the days of sick kids in hospital, but sadly, there is a space which colour forgot!

A 60 metre walkway that for many children means the start or continuation of uncomfortable and often painful treatment. This walkway is used over 200 times a week by oncology patients and their families as they make the journey from the Queensland Children’s Hospital to the Mater Hospital which houses this specialist equipment.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation believe in bringing a little wonder to the lives of sick kids whenever possible, so to make this space a little friendlier, it was time for a makeover.

We are proud to partner with the Arts in Health program and commissioned artist, Natalie Lavelle and her mentor Simon Degroot, from Griffith University to design ‘Mindful Trace’ – an artwork which was influenced by creating a sense of place and community and encourages feelings of freedom and mindfulness. Mindful Trace is a metaphor for the important role of the walkway in the lives of children undergoing oncology treatment.

Huge thanks to parent Nathan Purdy for his dedication in helping us bring some more colour into the lives of sick kids!

Watch this amazing video, we are with you every step of the way.