23 January 2020 Featured News

Wonder Moments

Many families can take it for granted that they will be able to spend Christmas at home, surrounded by friends and family, but this is not always possible for families with sick kids.

Last Christmas (2018), we introduced you to Poppy-Rose who had been born in November with multiple heart conditions and at just seven days old, little Poppy-Rose had to have open-heart surgery to save her life.

Following her surgery last year Poppy-Rose sadly spent her first Christmas at Queensland Children’s Hospital, but we are pleased to tell you that 12 months on, Poppy-Rose is doing well.  Not only did the family celebrate her first birthday in November, but they all got to enjoy a family Christmas at home together.

Poppy-Rose has reached some amazing milestones this past year, she smiles, giggles, crawls, pulls herself up and has three teeth!  She has had quite a journey over the past 12 months, including further surgery on her voice box and vocal cords and a further diagnosis of reflux disease. She still requires a feeding tube for feeds and medication, but oral feeds are being introduced slowly. Poppy-Rose has numerous regular appointments with different medical teams, but with the help of the Connected Care team, Susan, Poppy-Rose’s mum knows when and where she needs to be.

Christmas this year was also extra special for 11-year-old Libby, who for the first time in three years, got to spend Christmas at home with her family.

Libby is a familiar face at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. She has spent a lot of time in hospital over the years. She was born with an infection and high fevers, and within a few days was diagnosed with spina bifida.

Libby had her first surgery on her back when she was just seven years old. Libby spent the next eight months in and out of hospital. And since then, she has regularly returned to hospital for surgical procedures, appointments and scans.

This Christmas was so special for Libby and her family. Allison, Libby’s mum said, “In previous years we have been inpatients at the hospital right up to Christmas and have had to cancel longed for holiday plans with family and friends. This year we are overjoyed to be putting our tree up together and enjoying the festive season at home”.

You can read Libby’s full story here.

With your ongoing support we can continue to help create more wonder moments like these!  Thank you, you really do work wonders for sick kids!