Implementing and evaluating a Feeding Tube Exit Strategy

Claire Reilly, Dietitian, Maryanne Syrmis, Speech Pathologist, Nadine Frederiksen, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapy, Kristie Bell, Dietitian Consultant and Senior Research Fellow.

The challenge

Temporary tube feeding is an effective way to provide nutrients to children who can’t get enough food and drink through oral intake. However, some children become dependent on tube feeding, requiring tube feeding to continue longer than necessary.  Despite being able to physically eat food, some of these children show extreme fussiness including refusing to eat.

Implementation and Evaluation of a Feeding Tube Exit Strategy in Children Requiring Temporary Feeding Tubes

Our research aims to reduce the dependence on tube feeding by developing a new model of care.

Children who are reliant on temporary tube feeding will be less dependent on excessively prolonged tube feeding, will have less food refusal in children who are reliant on temporary tube feeding, leading to improved quality of life.