Jonathan’s story

“Before he was taken away, we held him for what could have been the last time.” – Glenn, Jonathan’s dad.

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Jonathan is just about to turn one. No one imagined the adventure he’d go on to be here today. He’s already had two open-heart surgeries and still has one more major, risky surgery to go.

Jonathan was sadly born with a faulty heart. At seven days old, he had his first open-heart surgery. Glenn, Jonathan’s dad, will never forget the fear he felt as his tiny newborn son was wheeled away for his surgery.

“I tried to remain hopeful, but part of me felt it would be too big a procedure for him to survive. He was only seven days old, and so fragile.”

One in two children like Jonathan will develop a dangerous complication after heart surgery. Vocal cord paralysis can stop children from swallowing properly, and they can choke to death, spend longer in hospital, or end up with damaging lifelong side effects.

“His chest was still opened and he was connected to what seemed like hundreds of tubes and wires. But he was alive.”

At five months old, Jonathan went in for the next surgery to repair his tiny heart. Thankfully, Jonathan survived his second surgery and he’s back home now. He is a cheeky, smiley boy who loves being sung to and his big sister’s tickles.

Of course, Jonathan’s next major surgery is always in his parents’ minds. He has avoided Vocal Cord Paralysis so far. But they know that third time around, he may not be so lucky.

Which is why we’re asking kind people like you to please give to our research, so babies like Jonathan don’t have to risk more horrible, life threatening problems. You’ll help them get home to celebrate many more birthdays with their grateful families.

Please watch the video below to see Jonathan’s Journey.