Keynen’s story

“The flight to Brisbane was scary. My boy was non-responsive and so sick.”

In December 2018 Keynen finished kindy and was looking forward to starting school, but by mid- December he was struck down by a nasty tropical ear infection and a severe case of gastro. Christmas came and went, and despite several trips to the GP Keynen was still no better.

Mum, Megan took Keynen to Cairns Hospital determined to get to the bottom of what was wrong.

Throughout that week Keynen was put onto an IV drip because he couldn’t tolerate any food or fluids through his mouth and worryingly he began to turn yellow.

He was flown down to the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Mum, Megan recalls “The flight to Brisbane was scary. My boy was non-responsive and so sick.”

Doctors diagnosed Keynen with gastroparesis and for four weeks he was fed through a PICC. Keynen’s health improved and he was transferred back to Cairns Hospital and then home.

Unfortunately after being home for only 12 hours, an ambulance had to be called as Keynen was vomiting uncontrollably and in severe pain.

He was flown back to Queensland Children’s Hospital for an operation to change Keynen’s feeding option to a mic-key button which provides a means of accessinghis stomach to provide nourishment, liquids and medication.

In total Keynen spent 118 days in hospital and eventually started school in May 2019. Mum, Megan said “We cannot wait for the day that our little boy can enjoy food again.”

Story written and details correct June 2019

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