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Isaac’s Story

Isaac’s story

To his parents Luarna and Troy, Isaac seemed like a healthy and happy baby. It wasn’t until a routine trip to their local GP for Isaac’s four-month check-up and vaccinations that they learned something was wrong.

Isaac was sent to Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) where he underwent tests and scans, which revealed that he had a large tumour in the centre of his brain as well as hydrocephalus – a large build-up of fluid in the brain.

“At the time of diagnosis, we were extremely shocked and overwhelmed, not understanding why this was happening to our little boy”, Isaac’s mum Luarna said.

Isaac spent the next 14 weeks in QCH, undergoing six surgeries to drain the fluid in his brain, and a week in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). After his tumour was diagnosed as inoperable, he underwent 12 months of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy was successful in shrinking Isaac’s tumour and it is now considered stable, however, he still requires an MRI every three months to monitor the tumour to ensure it’s not growing.

“We are so grateful for all that Children’s Hospital Foundation does for all of the children in need. The support and help we have received from the volunteers has always been so amazing.”

For all he’s been through, Isaac remains a happy toddler, who loves spending time with his four-legged sister, Sadie, banging around on his drums – or anything he can make noise with for that matter – and bouncing along to his favourite tunes in his jolly jumper. He’s also quite the country music fan, we’re told!

“If I could give parents any advice, it’s to remember you’re not alone. Love and cherish each other, and never give up hope.”

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month. Around 1,200 people are diagnosed with brain cancer each year.

You can help kids like Isaac by donating to the Children’s Hospital Foundation to boost much-needed research into brain cancer.