Libby’s story

Christmas was super special for
11-year-old Libby and her family.

For the first time in three years, the whole family
were at home together to celebrate the festive season.

Libby is a familiar face at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. She has spent a lot of time in hospital over the years. She was born with an infection and high fevers, and within a few days was diagnosed with spina bifida.

Alison, Libby’s mum said “When Libby was first diagnosed, I was a first-time mother and I was terrified – she was literally my entire world and my reason for being. In her first few years she seemed to get sick all the time, more so then the other children around us.”.

Libby had her first surgery on her back when she was just seven years old. Libby spent the next eight months in and out of hospital. And since then, she has regularly returned to hospital for surgical procedures, appointments and scans.

What puts Alison and Libby’s dad, Simon at ease is knowing that Libby and her siblings no longer see the hospital as a scary place.

“We love that the children feel safe here, that they can confidently ask a volunteer to help or to play.  We can never truly put into words how much we appreciate the thought and care for our family. We come out of those lifts and see our angels in their green shirts with a smile on their faces and we can breathe”.

“The volunteers who come to play with all of the children at Libby’s bedside when she cannot get up are amazing. The book bunker and volunteer Carla are very special to Libby after she interviewed and filmed a segment with her on her first appearance on Juiced TV. Juiced TV and its wonderful crew have since become a shining light in each of the children’s lives – they even play pretend at home being members of the Juiced crew filming, producing and starring in their own made up episodes”.

“When she is up to it, and able to leave the ward, one of Libby’s favourite places to go is Kidzone and she is always keen to attend and take part in the magical events and parties held at the hospital for our kids.” said Alison.

“The hospital and the amazing people who work and volunteer within its walls are a part of our world and we are blessed to have met each and every one of them” added Simon

The many services Libby and her family have been a part of, including music and pet therapy, have also had a huge impact on her recovery. Libby is now a keen song writer and is learning to play both the piano and the guitar.

This Christmas was extra special for Libby and her family. Allison said, “In previous years we have been inpatients at the hospital right up to Christmas and have had to cancel longed for holiday plans with family and friends. This year we are overjoyed to be putting our tree up together and enjoying the festive season from home”.

You bring the wonder for sick kids like Libby. With your support, every child and worried parent can know that when it matters most; when they really need exceptional care – we’re there for them. Even when they may spend months or years in and out of hospital, you help to make each stay in hospital a little easier, even when they can’t be home for Christmas.

We look forward to your continued support in 2020 – together we can work wonders for sick and injured kids.

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