Maddison’s story

Seven-year-old Maddison is always smiling, with her mum Vanessa calling her a “really special and very happy little munchkin”.

Seven-year-old Maddison is always smiling, with her mum Vanessa calling her a “really special and very happy little munchkin” despite being diagnosed and battling a Rhabdomyoscaroma – a cancer made up of cells that normally develop into skeletal muscles since she was only four years old.

Maddison first presented to hospital with a suspected broken leg when she couldn’t weight bear fully. After a mass was discovered in her pelvis she was transferred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane where it was discovered she had a large cancerous lump in her pelvis. Maddison initially received 14 rounds of chemo and 28 doses of radiation before she finished her chemotherapy treatment in July 2017.

Scans however indicated that she needed some further treatment and since then has had further radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Maddison’s combined treatment has shrunk her tumour from about the size of a grapefruit to the size of a grain of rice.

Maddison loves all the activities and entertainment provided by the Children's Hospital Foundation when she comes to visit

Since her initial diagnosis in 2017 Maddison has had her sprits lifted whenever she has had to spend time at hospital due to the amazing work of the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The Foundation offers many great activities and entertainment for children at the hospital and Maddison was able to enjoy many of these during her time at the hospital with her favourites being bedside play and music therapy.

Maddison, who starts year one this year, still has several more months of maintenance chemotherapy ahead of her in 2019 and regular trips to the hospital.

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