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Follow Finn’s journey through the devastating effects of meningococcal disease, in a sudden life and death battle.

Finn, 13 months, meningococcal disease
(photo courtesy of Sunshine Coast Daily)

Finn was diagnosed with meningococcal disease when he was just 13 months old.

He had been unwell with flu-like symptoms for a day, but overnight, Finn got worse.

On the way to Brisbane that morning, Finn’s mum, Sarah, noticed some spots on his forehead. She quickly checked his chest and back and found more blotches on his little body.

Sarah and Jason, Finn’s dad, rushed him to their local hospital where the medical team started him on fluids and antibiotics. Half an hour later, little Finn was unrecognisable. A retrieval team arrived from our children’s hospital and Finn was put in an induced coma for two weeks and taken to the paediatric intensive care unit.

The fight for his life began…

After 15 surgeries, including multiple amputations to all four limbs, scar management and ongoing rehabilitation, Finn is now walking on his prosthetic legs and gradually becoming more mobile. He is having a new set of prosthetics made to help the build-up of muscles and strength in his thighs, which will enable him to walk more easily and run around with his family and friends. Finn will also need more surgery on his right leg.

Finn’s case is complex and will require ongoing treatment for many years. He has overcome so much and is now a happy, healthy and active little boy.