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Twelve days after he was born, Jack had already had his first operation – it would be the first of many.

Jack, 15 months, omphalocele

Little Jack was born with omphalocele – his liver outside his body.

His kidneys failed soon after birth, and he was flown to Brisbane for emergency surgery and long-term paediatric care. Jack spent months in hospital, underwent multiple surgeries and was on also on dialysis for his kidneys.

He was not expected to see his first birthday.

But, at just 16 months, Jack received a kidney transplant, and has since started walking, going to kindergarten, and welcoming a baby sister.

Jack has ongoing rehabilitation at the Children’s Hospital Foundation, as well as ongoing treatment for associated medical issues, and this will continue for years to come.

In the years ahead, Jack’s family will work closely with the surgical team at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to start the process of trying to get his liver inside his body. This will be a complex procedure, as the vein to the transplanted kidney is grafted onto a vein on the liver.

Developmentally, Jack is constantly reaching new milestones with the help of his occupational and speech therapists, the paediatrics and child development teams, and his regular kindergarten and specialist early childhood development programs.

Jack has some minor permanent hearing loss from times which is being monitored by the hospital’s audiology department, and by Hearing Australia. Jack is also learning Auslan sign language, as well as learning to speak verbally.

“We have a busy but exciting time ahead of us with all the teams helping work toward to the same goal – giving Jack a good future,” said his mum, Anita.