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Kahli ,14 years, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia


When Kahli was just 12 years old she began feeling sick and complained of a sore chest. One day after visiting her doctor, blood tests revealed she had leukaemia.

Kahli was just 12 years old when she began to feel sick – she was suffering from high temperatures, was feeling tired and complaining of a sore chest. Just a day after visiting her doctor and undergoing some tests, Kahli was told her had leukaemia.

Kahli was immediately transported to Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, where she was given her diagnosis – she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Kahli stayed with her family in Brisbane for almost a whole year, before they were able to return home to Bowen.

Kahli is currently in the maintenance phase of her treatment, which includes monthly visits to Townsville for chemotherapy, and visits to Brisbane every three months for a lumbar puncture and more chemotherapy.

While she was in hospital, Kahli benefitted from many programs provided by the Children’s Hospital Foundation including music therapy, pet therapy, bedside play, and hosting on Juiced TV.