Millie’s story

Millie and her family were less than 24 hours into their road trip around Australia, when Millie was hit by a car near Dalby and rushed to Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Her parents Luke and Tammy were unsure if their little girl would survive, and if she did, what injuries she would have to live with.

“Millie was not conscious and had blood gurgling out of her right ear and her nose and her right foot and ankle lost all skin from the top,” Tammy recalled.

Paramedics transported Millie to Dalby Hospital until she was stable enough to fly to Brisbane.

“She was given a blood transfusion during her flight to the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane and when we arrived in the Emergency Department at Lady Cilento many things started happening and I can’t even remember what they all were,” Tammy said.

“She had neck, chest, back, pelvis and leg X-rays, an ultrasound of internal organs and CT scans from her head to her pelvis. She had three tubes down her throat, three cannulas in her arms, a live arterial line and a catheter put in.”

Millie was moved from the Emergency Department to the Intensive Care Unit and then to the neuroscience long-stay ward. She also spent time in the burns and trauma wards – in total, she spent a month in hospital.

During her time in hospital, Millie had several surgeries on her leg – including being fitted with an external fixation, and 12-hour long reconstructive surgeries, as well as a skin graft. Head scan results revealed she had a fractured skull and was leaking spinal fluid out of her ear. She had multiple facial fractures and bruising on her face. She had brain bleeds, but Tammy said doctors were not concerned about the minor bleeds.

Millie – with her characteristic zest for life – got through all of the surgeries, procedures and dressing changes thanks to the amazing surgeons.

But, Millie struggled a bit with bed rest. Tammy said the volunteers made all the difference to Millie, and her younger sister and two older brothers, when dealing with boredom.

“While Millie was in hospital she really enjoyed pet therapy and meeting Nanook, participating in Juiced TV, bedside play, book bunker and all the services provided by the Children’s Hospital Foundation volunteers.”

Millie is recovering well, but requires ongoing physiotherapy. She is already walking around the yard with her siblings, and promises it won’t be long before she is climbing trees again.

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