Nancellar’s story

Having been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just five years old, Nancellar has spent a lot of her young life in hospital receiving chemotherapy.

In July 2018 Nancellar experienced three blackouts and was extremely pale. Nancellar’s mum Siba took her then five-year-old daughter straight to Queensland Children’s Hospital to be examined. After multiple tests, the family learnt the devastating news that Nancellar had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a typeof cancer which affects the blood and bone marrow. Nancellar was immediately admitted into hospital and commenced chemotherapy.

Nancellar has spent a lot of time with the Children’s Hospital Foundation volunteers and especially loves Kidzone, watching TV on the big screen and playing Lego.

For days when she wasn’t well enough to leave her room, she loved being visited by the bedside play volunteers. Together the family have attended hospital events and enjoyed a family experience to the NRL.

One year later after her initial diagnoses, Nancellar is currently in her third round of treatment and has responded extremely well having had no other inpatient treatment since her initial hospitalisation.

She is currently having 12 weekly check-ups, her hair is growing back and has no evidence of disease. But the road ahead of Nancellar is still long – she has  another 18 months of treatment to go.

Story written and details correct June 2019

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