29 May 2017 In the community

Lynton’s channel swims for charity

In July of this year, Brisbane law firm partner Lynton Mortensen will once again be inspiring everyone around him by hanging up his suit and changing into his swimmers to help sick kids.

After an inspirational swim in 2016 completing the 21km Rottnest Channel Swim off the Western Australian coast and raising over $35,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, 2017 sees Lynton taking on a new challenge – tackling two of the world’s great ocean swims back to back, the English Channel and the North Channel.

And again – he is doing it to help sick kids.

Regarded as the “Everest” of swimming, the English Channel needs no introduction. The 34km crossing through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world is notorious for its unpredictable weather and conditions.

Similar to the English Channel, however with water temperatures averaging as low as 10.C at that time of year, the 34km North Channel crossing is also notoriously difficult with heavy seas, strong currents and thunderstorms. On top of this, Lynton will need to face the infamous lion’s mane jellyfish that can grow to be up to 7 feet wide with tentacles up to 120 feet long.

The level of commitment and preparation required for a challenge this momentous is nothing short of extraordinary. On top of the countless hours in the pool completing lap after lap, Lynton’s training to date has included some of the world’s most iconic swims. In September 2016 Lynton completed the 17km crossing of the Gibraltar Strait and in February of this year returned to Western Australia to again complete the Rottnest Channel Swim.

Please support Lynton’s Epic Swim for Kids and help him again make a difference to the lives of sick kids and their families.