26 April 2017 In the community

Paddle for Kids

Join the fun this June as dragon boat competitors take to the water to help raise money for sick kids.

Dragon boating is a sport for all ages, attracting more than 50 million people worldwide. This dynamic and exciting sport has deep historically roots but is roaring into the modern ages with competitive and exciting events such as Paddle for Kids.

This year’s Dragon Boat Queensland’s Paddle for Kids is your chance to get friends, family and even colleagues involved to raise money for Juiced TV – the television show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital. Juiced TV has brought the fun and entertainment to the bedside, bringing talent such as Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth to the children’s hospital, as well as regularly providing entertainment, exclusive movie previews, celebrity interviews and special off-site experiences for kids battling some of the most devastating childhood illnesses and injuries. Juiced TV is proudly made possible by the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Everything the Children’s Hospital Foundation does is for the kids- we want to make them laugh and smile, we want them to get better, we want them to go home.

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