Rebecca’s story

Initially doctors thought Rebecca had a viral infection but a chest x-ray revealed pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

Identical twin Rebecca had been sick for two weeks, initially doctors thought she had a viral infection but a chest x-ray revealed pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

Rebecca was brought to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in an ambulance. Further tests revealed 500ml fluid around her lungs and she was scheduled in for surgery the next day.

Luckily overnight her fluid dispersed and she was able to avoid surgery.

Whilst recovering in hospital Rebecca was kept entertained by bedside play  volunteers who came and played board games and spent time playing with Rebecca which made her day. A pet therapy dog also came to visit, and being Christmas time, was sporting a pair of reindeer ears, lifting Rebecca’s spirits.

Mum, Stacey recalls “Rebecca and I toured the hospital and joined the Christmas themed crafts they had set up around the hospital and made beautiful ball decorations and other Christmas crafts which we then decorated the hospital ward with. The nurses dressed in different outfits which were fun and one day they all did an amazing job at dressing as “Where’s Wally” characters.

“The hospital didn’t feel like a hospital at times – it was a place of such joy and fun.”

On day five Rebecca was allowed to see her twin, Hayley. The girls were over the moon to see each other and hugged for a long time.

Rebecca was discharged from hospital and follow-up scans revealed that she had completely healed. Mum, Stacey said, “We went hiking three weeks after leaving the hospital and Rebecca led the troops with a large stick she found along the way and did a 5km hike in Springbrook.”

Story written and details correct June 2019

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