Please help to find new treatments and cures for sick kids like Slater

COVID-19 health restrictions are easing, but the need for research, equipment, and support for sick kids is as high as ever

Send your gift to help fund a Radiation Research Machine needed for cancer research, which will help lead to better treatments for sick kids like Slater.

Slater was a baby when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He’s five now, and despite the very best in medical care, the tumour wrapped around his brain stem can’t be removed. His medical team have done everything possible to stop Slater’s tumour from growing and affecting his development.

We’re seeking to fund a Radiation Research Machine that can replicate the very thin, targeted radiation beams needed to treat a child’s cancer. It will allow researchers at the Children’s Brain Cancer Initiative (formerly the Centre for Child and Adolescent Brain Cancer Research) to conduct more accurate research.

The sooner they can access this technology, the sooner they can develop new ways to help children like Slater – who urgently needs a breakthrough.

Your gift will assist to fund this machine that can help researchers find new, targeted and more accurate treatments.