Make sure the COVID-19 crisis
doesn’t do further harm
to sick kids

Send your gift so children in hospital can still play, laugh and stay connected to the people they love, despite the restrictions of COVID-19.

Put games, puzzles, craft supplies and technology into their hands –
and a smile back on their little faces.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to replace a number of Patient and Family Support services. They’re things that help brighten sick children’s days and support their anxious families – such as visits from musicians and entertainers, face painting and time with volunteers.

It’s the right and responsible thing to do, and it reflects the great care we take with every child’s life. But our little patients still need stimulation, distraction and a chance to play. Supporters like you can help by donating.

You can still bring fun and entertainment to kids, it just has to be delivered a bit differently.

Your kind donation today can help restock supplies of good, old-fashioned toys and games like Lego and puzzles to keep children engaged – and lift their spirits when they’re feeling down.

You’ll also help purchase things like iPads and portable DVD players to keep children entertained and connected to the cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunties they miss spending time with.

Please donate today to give sick children something to smile about during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if not even COVID-19 stopped kids feeling better, getting better, and going home!