Volunteer At The Ball

Your gift of time makes all the difference

Welcome to the The Coffee Club Telethon Ball volunteer registration page, where you can apply to become a volunteer or make changes to your existing registration. 

We are recruiting 90 volunteers to help at the Ball with a range of skills and expertise required to deliver this well-known 5 star event.  

Depending ​on ​the ​role ​you ​will ​need ​to ​have ​​all ​or ​some ​of ​the ​following ​skills:   

  • Fantastic ​customer ​service ​and ​English ​speaking ​skills  
  • ​Event ​management ​or ​project ​management ​skills  
  • Cash handling 
  • ​Ability ​to ​work ​in ​a ​fast-paced ​environment  
  • Confidence using EFTPOS machines 

Please ​note ​that ​you ​must ​be ​aged ​18 ​years ​and ​over ​to ​volunteer. ​ 

You’ll ​find ​more ​details ​of ​each ​role ​and ​the ​skills ​required ​next ​to ​each ​shift. ​If ​you ​think ​you ​can ​help ​out, ​please ​continue ​with ​your ​volunteer ​application.