Important Policy Reminder

Professional boundaries and interacting with children – Children’s Hospital Foundation

Volunteers are responsible and accountable for maintaining professional boundaries with patients and their families. Remind yourself that this is a ‘job’ and you must act in a professional manner.

Please remember that we are not to initiate inappropriate physical contact – for example, hugging or holding hands. If a child hugs you, give them a quick loose hug and distract them to another activity. Never initiate a hug with a child. Distract a child if they try to hold your hand.

Do not pick up children (even if the child is not a patient). Besides being a professional boundary issue, the child may have an injury which could be exacerbated. If a child wants to be picked up, distract them to another activity or seek parent/guardian.

  • Do not allow a child to sit on your lap.
  • Do not use inappropriate forms of restraint.
  • If for some reason, you need to comfort a child, the shoulder, arm, or back are the best places to give a child a pat – whether in sympathy or congratulation. For the
    • protection of both the child and the volunteer, all interaction with a child must take place in a public setting.

    Sometimes a volunteer may have an existing relationship with a visitor to the hospital (e.g. relative, neighbour). Please let your supervisor or manager know about this relationship so that you can receive appropriate support while volunteering in the hospital.

    Engaging with personal contacts while representing the CHF in your volunteer role could potentially breach your volunteer role professional boundaries.

    e.g. if you hug your friend’s child while wearing your volunteer uniform, people observing that interaction are not aware of the existing relationship and will only see a volunteer in breach of their professional standards.

    If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your manager or supervisor or any member of the Patient and Family Support team.

Gifts in wills

We know first-hand that sick children need our help

Over ten years ago, Rod and Helen decided to leave a donation in their Will to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Helen became a Volunteer with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, after attending a tour of the children’s hospital, eight years ago.

Every week, Helen is able to see the impact of donations when she volunteers at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. “As a volunteer, I see first-hand, the wonderful work that the Children’s Hospital Foundation does to help make hospital less stressful for children and their families,” said Helen.

“We do not have children or grandchildren of our own, however, we are proud
to be able to contribute to the health and well-being of other children who need help.”

Behind the scenes, the Children’s Hospital Foundation works wonders for sick kids by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment and providing care programs for sick kids.

“Leaving a gift in our Will to the Children’s Hospital Foundation makes us happy,” said Rod. “Nobody wants to see children be sick and knowing that our money will be going to much needed medical research gives us hope for the future.”

Helen and Rod found leaving a gift in their Will an easy process. If you’d like to find out more and learn about the Children’s Hospital Foundation’s free Will writing service, please contact our Supporter Services Manager, Sonia Basile on 07 3606 6153

A Very Vollie Christmas & December Highlights

Last Christmas our very own Juiced TV filmed a segment featuring some of our wonderful volunteers hamming it up for a Very Vollie Christmas!

Check out Juiced Tv’s December highlights

Juiced TV is made possible at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital with the support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and generous donations of the public.

If you know of any patients and/or siblings who would be great to host or would just enjoy the experience of being on Juiced TV please speak to your supervisor!

Pip Russell a finalist in the 2018 Australian of the Years Awards

The 2018 Australian of the Year Awards were announced at Parliament House in Canberra last Thursday, showcasing many inspiring stories and exceptional achievements. This included the nomination of Pip Russell, creator of Juiced TV.

While Pip was not a winner, to be a finalist is an amazing achievement and recognises the work she does every day at LCCH to improve the hospital journey for sick children. Her tireless enthusiasm and innovation, in partnership with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, has enriched the lives of more than 2,000 children and young people since it began in January 2015.

Please click the link to read a lovely article on Pip

Pass A Parcel

Pass a Parcel Inc is a not-for-profit charity based in Brisbane. Thanks to the work of volunteers, they source, assemble and distribute entertainment in the form of creativity Parcels to children in stressful situations, such as hospital emergency waiting rooms.

In January, the Children’s Hospital Foundation took delivery of more than 1,000 Parcels which had been prepared by the team at Energy Super in the days before Christmas. We were super excited to receive so many of the Pass a Parcel activity packs, as they’re ideal for children of many ages, of varying abilities and in different circumstances (emergency waiting room, long days of regular medical check-ups and procedures or just some much needed distraction).

Thank you to the team at Pass a Parcel and Energy Super, for donating your time and boardroom space, to help make so many children and parents smile.

We are always in need of certain items if you or your work would like to know more please send an email to or speak with your manger or supervisor.

Hospital art gallery showcases creativity of young patients

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital patients are being encouraged to embrace the healing power of creative expression to help fill the walls of a unique new art gallery.

In a Queensland first, Children’s Health Queensland’s Arts-in-Health Program has collaborated with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to create the Livewire Art Gallery for inpatients and outpatients to turn their healthcare experiences into art.

The gallery and inaugural exhibition of paintings and drawings were officially launched at the hospital today. It features the paintings and drawings of 25 patients.

Budding artist Caitlin, 15, (pictured above) said she was thrilled to have her painting featured in the inaugural Livewire Art Gallery exhibition.

The Livewire Art Gallery is located on Level 6 of the hospital, outside the Starlight Express Room.

Upcoming Events

Valentine’s Day  – Wednesday 14th February
5.30pm – 6.30pm – Level 2, Performance Deck

Face Painting – Wednesday 21st February
10.00am – 12.00pm – Level 3, near Pathology

Army visit – Thursday 22nd February
10.00am – 12.00pm – Various inpatient and outpatient units

Battle of the Buns Event – Tuesday 27th February

Dr Seuss 3-day Workshop – Wednesday 28th February – Friday 1st March
10.00am – 1.00pm

Save the date!

Volunteer Mid Year Get Together – Friday 15th June
6pm – 8pm – Soleil Pool Bar, Rydges South Bank

Volunteer Christmas Party – Saturday 1st December
12pm – 4pm – Rydges South Bank

Thank You!

Service milestones for January

Thank you for your incredible dedication to helping sick kids and families!

Dianne. M  – 3 Years

Leonie. S  –  3 Years

Lynne. F  – 2 Years

Alice. H  –  2 Years

Kira. H  –  2 Years

Connor. S  –  1 Year