15 July 2019 Volunteers

A message from our CEO Rosie Simpson

Hello CHF volunteers,

It was wonderful to see so many of you on Friday 21st June at our mid-year volunteer thank you event at Rydges and give us a chance to thank you directly.

I don’t feel we can acknowledge and thank you enough for all that you do as a volunteer with the Foundation.

It’s not only the Foundation and Hospital teams that feel this way either.

On the 16th April we asked our Facebook followers “When we say: “Children’s Hospital Foundation” what do you think and feel?”.

From a wonderful response, what stood out the most was the feedback from our patients and families regarding their interactions and experiences with you, our volunteers. It cements what we already know, that we couldn’t possibly impact the lives of our community in such a positive way without all 465 of our volunteers.

Here are some of the lovely comments:

“A beautiful group of high-spirited volunteers who spread everyday magic through hope and entertainment”

“The group of absolutely amazing volunteers that make some of the hardest times more bearable, not just for patients but for their families”

“The volunteers there are absolutely awesome and are worth their weight in gold and more”.

It’s hard to believe that we are already half-way through the year and even harder to believe how much we’ve all achieved in that time.

Many of you would be aware that we launched the Centre for Child and Adolescent Brain Cancer Research in March, bringing together the brightest researchers and clinicians in a focused attempt to increase survival rates and survivorship for children with brain cancer.

The Patient and Family Support Team also proudly opened the Children’s Hospital Foundation Kidzone, our new volunteer office and our new Scholastic Book Bunker. We would like to acknowledge your flexibility during the move and for your support in managing the tremendous response we have had from the kids and their families.

This year to date, with your support, has also seen us:

  • provide 102,725 patient interactions across all services
  • extend our hours in the playroom with running a 1pm – 5pm shift and opening in the evenings from 5.30pm – 7.30pm
  • commence, and filling new shifts for, the Book Bunker and Emergency services in the afternoon
  • commence the roll out our new Inpatient Orientation Service, operating in 9A, 9B, 10A, 11A
  • welcome 1676 children through our playroom in only two months of operation. This is triple our statistics in the old playroom

I would particularly like to welcome the 280 new volunteers to our team, congratulate and thank our 73 volunteers who have completed more than 500 hours and to our 30 wonderful vollies who have celebrated over 10 years of service, a special thank you as your contribution is immeasurable.

On behalf of all the team at the Children’s Hospital Foundation, I would like to thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and compassion in working wonders for sick kids and I look forward to seeing you around the hospital and at our Christmas Volunteers Event in December.

Please find the photos from the evening in the below link:

Many thanks,

Rosie Simpson


A message from the Volunteer Services team,

Our volunteer events are a celebration of the amazing work you all do.  Please remember that these events are made possible by the generous support of our donors.  We are grateful for their kindness and manage the costs of catering, venue hire etc to ensure there are no losses to our donor. With this in mind, please only RSVP if you intend on coming to the event.  If you have RSVP’d and your circumstances change, please let us know that you can no longer attend.  Going forward we will provide all RSVP’d guests with the Events team phone number for this purpose.  This way we can let the venue know of reduced attendance numbers to ensure we minimise the amount of wastage that can occur.

We enjoy seeing you all outside of your shifts and hope that you all enjoy these wonderful events!