12 February 2019 News

Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Kidzone

The Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Kidzone will be a fun and engaging space located on level 6, managed by Children’s Hospital Foundation staff and volunteers. This service will operate 7 days a week and will offer child-minding services for all patients and siblings, but is predominantly targeted at children between the ages of three and eight. The Kidzone service will allow parents or guardians to sign in their child (over the age of three) to remain unaccompanied in the space. Importantly, this space will provide parents the opportunity to leave their kids in a safe and fun environment while they attend appointments or consultations, or just enjoy some much-needed respite. Kidzone will complement the suite of entertainment services already offered by the Children’s Hospital Foundation and other organisations within the hospital.

Kidzone is being designed as a multifunctional space and will accommodate various forms of entertainment and day to day activities, including arts and crafts, face painting, visiting sports stars or celebrities, workshops, video games, movie nights, magic shows, theatre productions, small events, toys and games, music performances and Juiced TV filming.

Other Children’s Hospital Foundation Services coordinated from Kidzone will include:

  • Bedside Play volunteers – providing visits to inpatient and outpatient units
  • Pet Therapy – providing dog visits to inpatient and outpatient units 6 days a week
  • Toy Loans Library – offering toys, games, puzzles, arts and craft materials, video games, iPad’s etc. for kids to borrow free of charge
  • Providing birthday presents for patients
  • Event ‘Beanbag’ Cinema – Showing recent release movies