15 August 2019 Volunteers

Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Mary McConnel Career Boost Program

The Mary McConnel Boost Program for Women in Paediatric Research program honours Queenslander Mary McConnel, who campaigned for and established the state’s first children’s hospital in Brisbane in 1878.

In the inaugural 2018 grant round, the Foundation invested more than $438,000 funding in nine outstanding female researchers working to improve healthcare outcomes for sick and injured children

The Children’s Hospital Foundation Grants team held its first Mary McConnel Networking Group which was held on International Women’s Day. The networking group will comprise grant recipients and mentors from the Mary McConnel Career Boost Program for Women in Paediatric Research and will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise electronically and at biannual networking events.

Grant recipients from prior grant rounds will act in a mentorship role for new grant recipients, with the aim to foster the new generation of researchers who share the passion of improving health outcomes for children.

The group comprises Research Advisory Committee members, mentors and grant recipients involved in the Mary McConnel Career Boost Program each year. With 25 people attending the event, including the Professor Helen Chenery, who provided her key “pearls of wisdom” to overcoming career challenges and navigating the world of academia. Thank you to our CHF Grants team for organising this successful event!

Last years grant recipients are also making news with the amazing work they are achieving through their grant funding by the Children’s Hospital Foundation: