15 July 2019 Volunteers

Introducing your Children’s Hospital Foundation staff…

“Hi, I am Dani and work at the foundation as the Business Development Manager.  I may have introduced myself to a few of you already.

Part of my role is to engage corporate partners in supporting our mission – through financial contributions, in-kind support and through the talent of their staff and networks in helping us work wonders for sick kids.

Patient and Family Support team (PFS or Volunteer Services)  has received overwhelming demand for personal hygiene items, clothes and oral health products – stocks are so low that we are currently purchasing these products – this is not the best use of our funds, is unreliable and unsustainable.  This is where I need your help.

So we can continue to provide the best service and respond to the needs of patients and families in the hospital, emergency, and heading to Out of Home Care the foundation is seeking to engage with key partners to establish a regular and reliable supply of these products – eg, a pharmacy group, toiletries manufacturer, clothing company for kids and adults, dental group – and we would love your help.

I am reaching out to you all as you have first-hand experience of what these kids and families are going through.

If you have any friends, family or connections, or perhaps you currently work for an organisation could help,  I welcome you to contact me directly or alternatively share my details with your networks.

I find that people and businesses want to help, but sometimes they don’t know how –  and we would be so grateful for their support and we will engage with them around recognition.

Thanks in advance, Dani”

Dani Dickinson | Business Development Manager
Phone 07 3606 6175  0410 338 281
Email dani.dickinson@childrens.org.au