6 June 2019 Volunteers

Let us know what you can do!

Do you have a special interest or skill? Do you like to draw or craft?  Can you play an instrument or sing? Please tell us a few of your favourite things!

We would like to invite you all to share your interests, skills or talents with us. Whether it is playing your guitar to children in outpatient areas or creating a craft activity for the playroom, we would like to know!

For those of you who play and instrument and/or we would like to invite you to incorporate your skills into your volunteer role and you would like to incorporate this into your existing volunteer role please you’re your supervisor or manager know! Keep in mind that we will ask you to perform for us as we would like to provide the children and families of the hospital with quality not quantity 😊 Or you could send us a link to a performance.

If you like to create through craft, then please let your supervisor as we will be able to purchase resources to support your ideas. If you see any new games or activities in the community, please also let us know!