1 May 2019 News

QCH staff influenza vaccination program

This year, all static clinics at the QCH will be in the Library on Level 7.

Roving clinics are being planned and when finalised staff will be advised of dates and times.

Only one vaccine per staff member is required.

Vaccination for staff, contractors and volunteers aged 65 or over

The new FluZone High- Dose® or  Fluad®  vaccines for over 65s will be provided at the 2g immunisation centre, QCH.

Staff in this age group can drop into the immunisation clinic between 8am and 4pm from 1 May 2019. Alternatively, they can attend their healthcare provider.

In March 2019, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) provided the following up to date advice  on when to get your flu vaccination:

“Most people will develop immunity within two to three weeks of vaccination.  Experts have advised there is recent evidence suggesting that protection following influenza vaccination may begin to wane.  As influenza usually occurs from June, with the peak around August, vaccinating from mid-April 2019 will allow people to develop immunity before influenza transmission is at its peak.”.

Read more.

A good way to keep up-to-date with how flu is affecting individuals in your local area (and to participate in tracking flu) is to join ‘Flu Tracker’.

Flu Tracker asks participants to assist with the collection of data and provides weekly reports about flu-like illness affecting your local area. Participation is open to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals and provides both interesting reports and links to good resources for flu protection.

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