• Christian, 6 years, cerebral palsy

    Christian, 6 years old, cerebral palsy
  • Rylee, 5 years, brain tumour

    Rylee, 5 years old, brain tumour
  • Jorja, 3 years, respiratory condition

    Jorja, 3 years old, respiratory condition

A big part of what we do is giving kids in hospital the thing they crave most – the ability to just be a kid. Toys, books, handicrafts, puzzles, games and other fun stuff. There is no end to the smiles you can donate. We often have people ask what are the best gifts to give, so here are some suggestions.

Great gifts for babies include (easy to clean) rattles, cot mobiles and plastic books. Kids in hospital really enjoy being occupied with fun things to do – board games, puzzles, scrapbooking, t-shirt designs, making jewellery and toy models – a welcome distraction from the hospital stuff! And don’t forget there are big kids in hospital too and they love their music, movies and video games (please check the ratings first, PG rating is as high as we can go).

But it’s not always toys that can bring the biggest smiles – sometimes its simple things like new clothes that can make the most difference, especially when a family has come to hospital in a hurry. Shirts, shorts, skirts, underwear, socks, shoes, hats – these are a real help to many mums and dads.

There are a few rules we have to follow to accept donated items into the hospital environment. If you want to help sick kids and their families in this way, we are happy to help.


  • Please do not wrap your gifts. If you’d like, you can donate toys in a gift bag – or include some wrapping paper and we’ll wrap the toys for you. We need to see all gifts before they’re given out to the kids to help us know where they will be most loved.
  • All toys must be new. Many little patients have trouble fighting infections so only giving them new toys significantly reduces the chance of any bugs getting in; hospital rules.
  • Toys must be free of sharp edges or points that could cause injury. Toys for very young children and toddlers need to be free of buttons, pins or other small objects that little fingers could pry off.
  • We are not able to give out foodstuffs.
  • We are not able to give the kids any political, controversial, religious or offensive items; nor can we give out toy guns or weapons.
  • Occasionally we distribute donated gifts to children in regional hospitals, accommodation facilities nearby the children’s hospital, and community health centres throughout Queensland. Please let us know if you do not wish your gift to be sent to any of these locations.

Please deliver any donated items, gifts and toys to:


Att: Volunteer Services
Children’s Hospital Foundation
PO Box 8009
Woolloongabba QLD 4102


Children’s Hospital Foundation
Volunteer Services, Room 2b
Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital
501 Stanley Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101