Infectious diseases

We need to invest significant funding into research aiming to improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and clinical management of life-threatening infectious diseases in children.

We have already achieved incredible outcomes for potentially fatal diseases, such as meningococcal and parechovirus, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Research undertaken so far has contributed to the development of a rapid-fire test used to diagnose meningococcal bacteria – slashing the waiting time for results from three days to less than one hour.

Other research has led to the registration of a meningococcal vaccine in Australia.

Previously funded research led to a detection test for parechovirus, which is a potentially devastating childhood illness which can lead to permanent disability or death.

Through your generous donations, research currently being funded includes:

  • The development and implementation of new diagnostic tests that can quickly detect the presence of a bug known to cause serious respiratory infections in children with cystic fibrosis, as well as to predict resistance to key antibiotics used to treat the infection
  • Establishing evidence-based, effective antibiotic dosing regimens for children with severe infections, using just a drop of blood taken by finger or heel prick. This will advance treatment of severe infection, result in better patient outcomes and may also reduce the potential for the emergence of antibiotic resistant ‘superbugs’.