Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank

Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank samples have contributed to the identification of new therapies for childhood cancers with poor prognosis, uncovered critical new insights into childhood cancer biology, and informed new clinical trials and patient management.

With your support, the Children’s Hospital Foundation has for the past 10 years funded the Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank (QCTB) – an openly accessible paediatric tumour bank.

QCTB collects, processes and stores samples from all types of paediatric solid tumours, as well as ‘liquid tumours’ such as leukaemia.  In addition to traditional ways of storing tissue, such as snap-freezing, QCTB specialises in the long-term banking of live tumour cells.

QCTB has banked more than 38,000 individual samples in its dedicated facility at the Centre for Children’s Health Research, adjacent to Queensland Children’s Hospital.  Samples collected by QCTB are disseminated to researchers in Australia and throughout the world for use in research projects that ultimately aim to improve health outcomes for children with cancer.