Patient and Family Services

Making hospital a less scary place for sick kids and their families

Our patient and family support services team has touched the lives of sick kids and their families for more than 30 years,
helping them to cope during an emotional and at times uncertain journey.

Bedside play

When sick kids are confined to their hospital bed and room, our bedside play volunteers make sure they don’t feel lonely or bored by bringing books, games and puzzles to the bedside.

Bravery Beads

Our Bravery Beads recognise the strength and courage that children with a life-threatening illness show every time they face a procedure or treatment.

Emergency Department support

By supporting the welfare team at the Queensland Children’s Hospital we can help ensure families are comforted and supported during times of tragedy and heartbreaking loss.

Family Resource Centre

We are available to help families with anything they need – access to wi-fi, computers, printers, telephones, and information on local support groups, or simply a place to relax and read a book.

Juiced TV

Made by kids in hospital, for kids in hospital, Juiced TV gives children and their families to star in their own TV episode. Your interactive PES gives access to free-to­-air and pay TV, Juiced TV, games, movies, radio and internet.

Kidzone – supervised play

Kidzone – supervised play is available on Level 6 at Queensland Children’s Hospital, offering a range of entertainment and craft activities.

Loans Library

A range of resources can be borrowed during your time in hospital, including LEGO®, board and card games, craft sets and toys.

Music therapy

We’re proud to support Australia’s largest music therapy program at Queensland Children’s Hospital to help sick and injured kids on their road to recovery.

Oncology outpatient support

Our volunteers are there to entertain and support children prior and during their medical procedure in the Oncology Outpatient department.

Operating Theatre support

Our volunteers are there to help ease the stress of the high-pressure environment by providing a helping hand to parents or distracting and entertaining kids.

Pet therapy

Research shows interaction with these furry friends helps with pain management, stimulates the senses, has a calming effect on patients, and often brings lots of laughter.

Scholastic Book Bunker

Kids in hospital can sit and read their favourite story, or have a story read to them thanks to our Scholastic Book Bunker Volunteers and a selection of more than 10,000 books.

Special events and visits

We make sure sick kids don’t miss out on the things they love, bringing Easter, the Ekka, Christmas and celebrities to the hospital.

Steggles Cuddle Carers

Comforting the youngest of patients with a reassuring and soothing cuddle so parents can take a break from their baby’s bedside, safe in the knowledge their little one isn’t alone for a second.

Woolworths Wayfinders

Our volunteer Wayfinders make navigating the Queensland Children’s Hospital a breeze. Their in-depth knowledge of every area will ensure you find your way to your next appointment in plenty of time.