Entertainment Volunteers

We're serious about fun

A hospital stay can be overwhelming, lonely, and even boring at times. Bedside Play is designed to provide entertainment and a distraction for sick kids, giving them a chance to play, have fun and take their minds off their stay, even for a little while.

Bedside Play is offered across the hospital to sick kids and their siblings through the Entertainment Volunteer Service. For kids who can’t leave their bed, Bedside Play can bring a sense of normality and transform clinical surroundings into a place of fun and play.

Our entertainment volunteers, easily recognisable by their green shirts and bright smiles, create a positive and fun environment right at the bedside, with games, activities, puzzles, crafts and toys. Bedside Play is about giving patients what they crave most – the chance to laugh, smile and just be kids. Seven days a week, our entertainment volunteers support healing and makes traumatic and sometimes long-term stays in hospital more bearable.

Not only is the play time valuable, the kids also get to interact and engage with the Entertainment volunteers – people who are completely removed from their illness or diagnosis. Bedside Play is just about having fun.

Bedside Play is not only beneficial in providing a meaningful distraction for sick kids and their siblings, it’s also about giving parents and carers a break. Families are welcome to join in on the fun, or use the time to go for a walk, grab a coffee or take a moment to reset in the Family Resource Centre.

Zayviar’s Story

At nine years old, Zayviar is one of only seven boys in the world with a chromosomal defect called ccdc22. It’s a very rare genetic condition. Zayviar also has cutis aplasia, which means part of his skull and areas of his skin haven’t fully formed.

With Zayviar regularly in and out of the hospital and confined to bed, mum Veronica is so thankful for the Entertainment volunteers who help make his hospital experience a more positive one.

“Zayviar absolutely loves the volunteers, whenever we are admitted, or we are just there for the day, he’ll always ask for the people in green to come visit him.

“They’re so great with him, sometimes he’ll just request UNO, but other times they’ll play dress up and pretend to be police officers.

“Because the volunteers are so enthusiastic and friendly, he absolutely loves when they visit – it’s the best part of his day.

“When he’s got a procedure or test coming up, they take away the fear by entertaining him and engaging him – it just makes it into a positive experience instead of a negative one.

“It also means that while he’s completely captivated by their game, that we can take a moment to grab a coffee – it’s really a great service for the whole family.

“A lot of the volunteers know him by name, so that connection is really special.”

How to access Entertainment Volunteers at Queensland Children’s Hospital

  • Bedside play is available from 9am to 7:30pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • To organise a bedside play session for your child, talk to your doctor or nurse, or call the Volunteer Services Team on 07 3068 1662

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