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The TV show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital

Giving sick kids the best chance to get better, with innovative and fun entertainment designed to help them heal.

Each week, the Juiced TV crew create and film amazing experiences at the Queensland Children’s Hospitalat regional hospitals around Queensland or at exciting off-site locations, creating the content for their weekly 25-minute episodes. 

Patients and siblings are the stars of Juiced TV – hosting, interviewing and helping to produce each segment. Each filming day gives patients and their families the chance to get up close with amazing animals, hands-on with cooking, musical workshops and arts and crafts or kick around with sporting stars. They can even meet their favourite celebrities and idols, with Chris Hemsworth and Taylor Swift just two of the many special guests to appear on Juiced TV.   

For many long-term patients Juiced TV is the highlight of their stay and they become regular hosts on the show – creating truly positive memories of their hospital experience. 

The Juiced TV program also creates experiences for patients and families outside of hospital walls. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at Cirque du Soleil, a reef snorkel at Sea World, or preview tickets to the latest big screen blockbuster, Juiced TV is helping to create amazing memories for sick kids and their families. 

Since 2015, Juiced TV has filmed more than 3,200 kids and their families, creating more than 234 unique episodes and facilitating more than 147 patient experiences outside of hospital walls. Juiced TV episodes have been watched over 3,644,631 times on YouTube. 

Juiced TV is a fun activity for patients and their siblings to participate in but it also helps kids to see and share stories of others going through similar experiences. Not only can that be reassuring but it can also help with feeling less isolated and lonely – each patient is connected to a community of kids who share a similar experience to their own 

Juiced TV has also launched its own mobile app – ‘Juiced Box’ – allowing patients in regional hospitals to access Juiced TV episodes. Soon they will also have the chance to film their own content for Juiced TV, no matter which hospital they are in. 

Through generous community donations, we are able to loan free interactive Patient Entertainment Systems (PES), which gives access to Juiced TV, free-to­air and pay TV, games, movies, radio and internet.  

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference – together we can continue to work wonders for sick kids! 

Mila & Andie-Rose’s Story

Sisters Mila and Andie-Rose both have chronic respiratory conditions and have been in and out of hospital for a number of years for various doctors’ appointments, emergency visits and procedures. 

Mila, who is 16 years old, has Tracheal Dyskinesia and an arachnoid cyst on her temporal lobe and Andie-Rose, who is ten years old, was diagnosed with Tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) at just 18 months old and has had bone density issues which makes it easier for her bones to break.  

Due to their conditions, their mum Domenica has had to pull her daughters out of school, which despite resulting in fewer hospital visits, was a hard decision for the family to make. What has made the world of difference for the girls has been their involvement with Juiced TV. 

“When we first got involved with Juiced TV, it was by chance. We just happened to walk into hospital on the day they were filming – they had puppeteers doing a show on The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the host asked AndieRose to join in. 

“It was a big deal for her, because her English wasn’t very strong, and she’s progressed so much since joining the Juiced TV family. 

“Both Mila and Andie have done a range of different things with Juiced TV; they’ve hosted movie premieres and attended events, and more recently Mila got to sing with Vance Joy. Mila has a really beautiful voice and it gave her the confidence to pursue more of her singing. 

“The day after Mila sang with Vance Joy, they called her up on the Today Show and had her sing again – she was over the moon. 

“Andie-Rose was able to interview Isabel Moner, the lead actress for the new Dora the Explorer movie – the kids have had so many amazing opportunities thanks to Juiced TV. 

“For both of the girls, their conditions have had a huge affect on their confidence, especially because on the exterior they look so well, it’s can be hard for their schoolmates to understand what’s going on.  

“But with Juiced TV, they get to be with other kids and work with the volunteers who just get it, they’ve become another family for us. 

“Taking your children to the hospital is ordinarily so hard, it can be a really scary place, but Juiced TV has made such a huge difference in the girls’ hospital experience.  

“We were actually just at the Juicies, the annual awards for Juiced TV – it’s a really fun event for the kids. 

“Every year they choose one boy and one girl to be inducted into the Juicies Hall of Fame, and this year Andie-Rose got the big award, she was so excited! 

“They really love being a part of Juiced TV and even after they get too old to be involved in the show, I suspect they’ll find a way to volunteer – I very much doubt my children will lose their connections with JuicedTV. 


Any of our hospital families can be a part of Juiced TV! It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you want to host your own segment or want to help out the crew by filming with us – get in touch!

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